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PT. Bara Sukses Sejati

PT. BSS (“BARA SUKSES SEJATI”) IS A WELL-KNOWN COAL TRADING COMPANY IN INDONESIA. THE COMPANY WAS ESTABLISHED IN BANJARMASIN, IN 2019. CURRENTLY BSS IS ONE OF FAST GROWING COAL TRADING COMPANY IN INDONESIA. We are one of the few companies that are granted with IUP OPK in four provinces, such as South Sumatra, South Borneo, and East Borneo also at North Borneo. We have contractual agreements with several coal mine in each area to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Bara Sukses Sejati

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Establised in 2019 and expanding in 2021. PT. Bara Sukses Sejati Coal Trading company ,that focuses its business in mineral trading at Indonesia. a dynamic and fast growing trading on mineral commodity.


efficiently provide coal trading products, solutions and services, quality and sustainable, to create added value for our stakeholders.

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